Thursday, July 1, 2010

Clytie Alexander Betty Cuningham Gallery , NY

Architecture for Art is proud to announce our Partnership with Passiflora.
Architecture for Art is a collective bringing together Artists, Architects, Museum Goers, and all others who share a common passion for Art, Architecture, Museum and Gallery Design. A4A inspires and connects lovers of Art and Architecture around the world in order to create a more effective Art and Architecture. A4A fosters a way of thinking that enhances each group's contributions to the end product.

A4A creates a single source think tank on the subject of Art and Museum Design. They provide information and open communication Internationally on Art and the space it lives in. They give us a more personal, intimate portrait of the great Artists and Architects who inspire us.

Adding a Retail section to our site, will bring Revenue to a much needed resource. Documentaries, Video Walk-Throughs, Cultural Events, Talks, and Panel Discussions are just a few of the many things A4A offers throughout the year. Creating networking opportunities for Students and Professionals.

A4A is an On-Line Educational Environment for Higher Learning.

The New Retail Section of A4A will now bring Hand-Picked Quality Products to those of you that may not be able to Patron the many Musuems that will be Featured on Our site. It will also be a Forum for Artists to offer their Large-Scale Art, as well as their accessible pieces of Art in one place.

Passiflora is a “Lifestyle Boutique” in the heart of Hillsdale, brimming
with ideas for the home, garden and lifestyle living. They have carefully selected items for their individuality, style and affordability. Some names you will grow to love and look out for, others you will recognize. "Satya" for their distinctive yoga-inspired jewelry. "Kenneth Davis" for his trademark prints. "DYNOMIGHTY" famous for their design and love of detail. "Lampe Berger" for their exquisite Scents and Bottles and "Fringe" for their beautiful handmade glassware. “Votivo”, “S.P.I.R.A.L.”,“Chamba” “Papaya” and “Thomas Paul” to name a few! And now..."Architecture for Art"!

We hope you'll sense the spirit and ambience on their website but inevitably, in print and on-line, they can only offer you a small proportion of the selection of goodies they have to tempt you. We think they have chosen well, f there's anything you can't find there, give them a call and they'll try to help. Better still, pay them a visit. Your first won't be your last!

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